Getting the Best Results on Wedding Day with Airbrush Makeup



by Laura Weintraub, Founder Classy and Chic Makeup Boutique

These are tips for achieving the best results at your Bridal Preview and on the Wedding Day.  They are based on actual experiences we’ve had over the years and now we can share them with you!

*Don’t get a facial the week of the event unless your skin is used to getting facials. This may cause last minute breakouts!

*Don’t pick your face especially if you get a breakout the day of.  It’s much easier to cover a pimple than to try and cover a scab or a picked pimple that may ooze!  Ugh

*Don’t  wax brows if it’s your first time the week of the event because if you have sensitive skin, you may get scabs on your brows, which will need time to heal.

*Don’t start a new skin regime like Retin A or Glyocolic treatments before the event no later than least 6 months prior to the event so that the skin has time to heal and adjust to the new treatment.

*Don’t do a peel the week before the wedding as the skin will continue peeling for at least a week or more and you don’t want snake skin the day of the wedding.

*Don’t arrive to your Preview or on the Wedding Day with the previous night’s makeup.  Please arrive with a clean face and remove all residual mascara, eyeliner etc.

*Don’t arrive to your Preview or on the Wedding Day with wet hair.  Make sure it is completely dry or we will have to send you to the bathroom to dry your hair.  Don’t use any styling products in your hair as they can be sticky which makes it difficult to curl your hair.  We will use the products that work best with our styling tools.

*Do get a facial 3-4 weeks before the event.

*Do exfoliate skin approximately 2-3 days before the event so that your skin is smooth.

*Do have your brows waxed or threaded 2 weeks prior to the event and touch up 3-5 days before the event.

*Do wash and blow dry/flat iron your hair the evening BEFORE the event.  Please don’t use any hair products as it may make the curling tools stick when we begin working on your hair. This applies to clip-on extensions as well. Please be sure your extensions are 100% Human Hair and have been washed and dried.  We only work with dry hair on the day of the event. If you have oily or thin hair, it’s okay to wash it the morning of as long as it’s completely dry when we start working on it.

*Do remove your makeup and mascara and exfoliate your skin the night BEFORE.  Please arrive with a clean face the day of the event!

*Bring a new waterproof mascara that you’re comfortable with.  If you’re not sure what to buy, our favorite is “Cover Girl Lash Blast” in the orange container.

*Bring samples of hair and makeup styles that you like and we will pick what works best for you.

*Drink lots and lots and lots of water. Hydrate your body so your skin will look radiant!


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